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Posted by Phil Alsop on 10 October 2023 at 10:22 am
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OVHcloud, the leading European cloud provider, today announced that CourtCorrect, the leader in UK Financial Service Complaints AI, is now using OVHcloud for its database and object storage. CourtCorrect’s AI system uses a number of LLMs to create a highly specialised AI solution that helps review evidence, complete regulatory checks, find similar cases and suggest draft replies and solutions, making the complaints journey faster, easier and more comprehensible.


“Consumers today have few options for recourse to their problems, so they often submit complaints to companies who then must both satisfy the regulatory requirements and their customers. Complaints teams often struggle to make decisions consistently and in a timely fashion,” said Ludwig Bull, Founder and CEO, CourtCorrect. “To help bring about a fairer world where complaints are solved consistently, fairly and quickly, we have developed a highly trained AI system that can comprehensibly analyse complaints and help respond to customers. However, our customers handle extremely sensitive data and need a trustworthy partner, making high availability, reliability, security and data sovereignty a must. OVHcloud ticked all of these boxes straightaway.”


The CourtCorrect team is using OVHcloud to host its Postgres and MongoDB databases, as well as its object storage to store letters and other documents from clients.

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