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Posted by Phil Alsop on 04 July 2024 at 7:53 am
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In fact, 72 per cent of enterprises admitted to facing significant challenges with data quality and scaling data practices, having a significant impact on the output quality of AI models.

Out of the 750 IT decision makers surveyed, a quarter (24 per cent) said that they had implemented generative AI at scale, with employee productivity tools and customer services tools the most common implementation.

“Our report highlights a concerning trend: many enterpirses, in their eagerness to harness AI, overlook the need for a solid foundation. This oversight not only diminishes the effectiveness of their AI solutions but also exposes them to a multitude of security threats,” said Kunal Anand, CTO at F5.

The report also highlighted key barriers to scaling AI technology within the data layer, with 72% of respondents pointing to data quality and the inability to expand data practices as major issues.

Additionally, 53% of respondents identify a lack of AI and data-related skillsets as significant obstacles.

When it comes to the infrastructure layer, enterprises express concerns about the cost of computing resources (62%), model security (57%), and overall model performance (55%).

Commenting on the findings, Roman Kucera, CTO and Head of AI, Ataccama: “Before deploying AI, enterprises must ensure the quality of their data otherwise poor data will impact the accuracy of output. Insufficient or poor quality dat

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